C506 Partners With Mega Cat, Bringing New Games to Retro Systems!

C506 Partners With Mega Cat Studios, Developer of Original Games for Retro Consoles

C506 is proud to announce a partnership with developer Mega Cat Studios; Mega Cat develops new games for the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis and a number of other retro machines, as well as for newer platforms.


This partnership with Mega Cat will bring unboxings of their games printed to authentic cartridges, reviews, and more to C506! Some of their fantastic games include the alien brawler Coffee Crisis, Greek Gorgon puzzler Little Medusa and the (notably American) eagle dueling simulator Justice Duel.


Mega Cat’s games are incredibly collectible- here at C506, that’s exactly the sort of thing we’re interested in.

About C506:

Collectible 506 is the premiere geek culture website and network for Spanish speaking fans throughout Latin America, as well as for Spanish speakers within the United States and elsewhere; our dedicated team covers events the world over, reviews and keeps a finger on the beating pulse of gaming, movies, and other geek culture. Interested in our Media Pack?

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