Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates from Diamond Select Toys

What’s this ?! What’s this ?! There’s white things in the air!

NBX Minimates Diamond Select Toys

For Halloween, I wrote an interview piece right here on C506 for the newest  Nightmare Before Christmas 7 “action figures coming out of Diamond Select Toys. Today, we’re going to use that same interview with Zach Oat from the Diamond marketing team to talk about another  NB Xmas line of slightly smaller 2 1/2 ” proportions: Minimates!

From my interview with Zach at Diamond Select:

ZO: Our designer, Barry Bradfield, who designs all our minimates figures, and vinimates, he does a great job interpreting things in that minimates style. So, even though we were basing the fountain on the current fountain in the movie, we made it as if it were a minimates demon vomiting the green liquid. So, he’s got little minimate hands, and it’s cool to see how he folds those kinds of details into that design.

BD:  Right, ‘cause you have interesting limitations with it, but then there’s that thing about limitation breeds creativity, so you’ll get cool stuff that will come out of it. It almost evokes Lego in a way, because there’s some blockiness to it, but yeah, there’s still enough freedom freedom where you can make – ya know, as you said, there’s some things that are just, the hands [for example] are all inarguably minimate. Oh, it’s such a cool design, man!

ZO: Oh, thanks! The original minimates designer, Art Asylum, from back in the day … when they designed it, they looked at what Medicom was doing with Kubrick over in Japan; and, Kubricks of course, were based on Lego type mini figures. So, they were looking for a way to bring some of that block figure to the US, and that’s when they developed this new body type. It’s a lot more interchangeable I think than a lot of the Kubrick stuff is. There’s a lot more pieces so you can interchange more parts. Ya know, the feet, the hands, and the waist and the pelvis are separate, so you can split them up.

NBX Minimates Diamond Select Toys

Here are the newest  NB Xmas  characters Zach talked about, from Diamond’s own patented, signature minimates line:

So, we made a box set for this year. It’s got new versions of Jack and Sally and a new version of the mayor; and then the Harlequin demon, who we never made as a minimate; and then, the town square fountain, which is that winged demon that curls up and is spitting out the green liquid.

Nightmare minimates  are now at comic shops and online retailers. Check out  Luke’s Toy Store and Diamond Select’s main site  for these spooky holiday figs of mini proportions!

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