(C506) The Big Bang Theory final season?!

If you are like me and LOVE to watch the big bang theory. Then the news may sadden you that the hilarious TV show, may have one more season left. Nooooooo!



I love watching this show. It always makes me laugh. I would watch it in the morning and it always makes my day. Also, when I am home sick, I watch it to make me feel better because they say that laughter is the best medicine. I have rewatched the geeky episodes many times, to the point of driving my husband a little bit crazy (sorry babe). When I watched the trailer ( see video above) I felt just like Howard (Simon Helberg). Nonless, it has being going strong with its last season to be the 12th season.

A surprising note is that a new character will be presented, Marissa (Lindsey Kraft). Who plays as the wife of Zack (Brian Thomas Smith). I hope they don’t make us fall in with the character on the last and final season.

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