Kingdom Hearts Community came to arms due to leaks

Around 30 copies of the most-beloved and highly-anticipated Square Enix game, Kingdom Hearts 3 were stolen and tried to be sold on Facebook for $ 100 each. The posting has been taken down, but sadly footage and images of the game- worst of, the game’s epilogue and secret movie, have been popping in and out around the internet.



While Disney and Square Enix trying desperately to get rid of all of the videos as quickly as possible before release date, have fans taken the positive of this negative issue and are helping out their community.


If you go through all posts of Reddit and Twitter comments, these spoilers are not doing it for these fans. Long time fans, as for this writer, have been known for their patience, especially waiting for 13 years for a game. As such, we do not want to be spoiled but enjoy this game as we experience it ourselves.

Fans are warning each other of where and which users, pages, websites and channels are showing spoilers and how to protect themselves before getting the game on January 29,2019.


This comes to show you, that when push comes the shove, video game communities show their love by helping each other during times of hardship for their favorite game and game companies.

My name is Gabby Pena and I’ll be reviewing this game as soon as I get my hands on it and give more information as the game comes closer!


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