Want to get all the characters in Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate?

So my family and I got Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch this Christmas, and I got to tell you, it’s amazing! It plays super smoothly and it’s easily to learn and play. I do have to admit, I have played Smash before, but for someone like my nephew (He’s 8 years old), this is a new installment for him and if I can understand the moves quickly, then that’s a winner for me.

So my kid is my gaming buddy and my guinea pig when it comes to testing out games and other ways to get things fast, since he never gets board and is a completionist. We wanted to get all the characters without doing the main story line; which is the one way you can get ALL the characters for your roster for a classic Smash fight.

But let’s say you just want to Smash fight and that’s it. The first time you load the game you only have 8 characters:download Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Kirby, Samus, Pikachu, Yoshi and Fox. After googling and looking around reddit, we found a quick way and you give 99% all the fighters in your roster, so if you want to get all the characters without doing the main story, there’s a way!

First thing you do, got to the Smash option on the main menu!


Next: make a new rule set, which has only 1:00 and 1 stock.


Go random with the stage selection, b2d0bebcfc0d882f44eb684b5c6f31f8f2a5e8b0r1-1920-1080v2_hqand when you get to the character selection, have two players selected, one will have your main and the second player will be a random one.

Start the fight and just kill off the random character. After you go to the ending screening,images (1) you will get a character appears warning pop out. Fight them!

Win or lose, after your fight, click on the home button on your switch controller, and exit the game by pressing x.

Restart the game and if you won the last battle, your new character should appear, if not, then repeat the process, and you will be able to battle that character again.

As well remember that if you end up missing the character after you died and you didn’t do a reset, the games and more selection has a small gold door (The Challenger’s Approach)  47575148_10156809404217770_6692966177238417408_othat lets you fight the characters missed again. There may be times they won’t appear, and that’s fine. Just fight like normal and reset the game until you get the option.

Keep repeating until you have all of the characters!


You can still do the story mode, but if you just want to fight, then this is the fastest way you can get them right now! Enjoy!


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