Teasing Toy Fair 2019 | John Connor Kenner Tribute from NECA

New York Toy Fair is an event like no other. It’s a convention, but it’s not. It’s nerdy, but it’s not. Well, it is technically all of the above, but Toy Fair is just so vastly different from your typical geek convention or toy show.

NY Toy Fair 2019- NECA Terminator Kenner Tribute

While Toy Fair exhibits most everything a toy nerd like me wants to see in one place, it’s also a press-only event. So, all the top toy players are there, just no lines and no sweaty substitute for breathing room and geeky crowds. It feels like I do not have other fans around, because I’m certainly one of them. But, the all-business, journalistic atmosphere is also my style; So, NY Toy Fair is always a highlight of my year!

This year, February 16-19, I will be covering Toy Fair live from the Jacob Javits Center in midtown Manhattan, for C506 and for my Comic Book Intl podcast network. A favorite company for our love of the Terminator franchise, in particular, is NECA. So, I recently reached out to Summer Mullins for anything teasable on the upcoming trade show. Summer is the Director of PR and Marketing at the Fellow Jersey based National Entertainment Collectibles Association.

John Connor Kenner Tribute- NECA
Photo: Toyark.com

From my email interview with Summer Mullins from NECA:

BD: You mentioned the Kenner tribute figs coming soon and the John Connor figure has been teased. Will we get to see those at Toy Fair? Any other big Terminator 2019 (or 2020) releases being unveiled for the first time at Toy Fair?

SM: We can not give away any of the Toy Fair reveals in advance. These are tightly guarded secrets until the show opens. So I can do this interview on Monday February 18 th (that’s the 3 rd day of the show, but we are all at the booth for the weekend) if that is OK, just let me know.

It’s worth noting that the Terminator Kenner tribute figures released this week. You can keep up with our releases here: http://necaonline.com/events/

Since it’s already been teased, I can say that the John Connor figure will be on display at Toy Fair, along with more details about its release. There’s a lot we’re excited to reveal at Toy Fair – this year is definitely going to have some cool surprises!

Terminator 2 Kenner Tribute- NECA
Photo: NECA

So, you can look forward to some seriously fun toy secrets being revealed this year, during my live Toy Fair interview with NECA! Be it Terminator, Turtles , Predator, Alien , or whatever other awesome franchise NECA does, stay tuned here at C506 and ComicBookIntl.com for all the toy fair reveals your collectible scaled heart desires!

Shoutouts/thanks to Summer and everyone at NECA for your time both online and in person at Toy Fair next month!

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