Childhood game Kingdom Hearts

One of the biggest talks right now in the gaming world is Kingdom Hearts. Last year they announced that Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out this year and they are going to come out with a special edition PS4 themed KH ( I am going to try my best to get it). As I watched the teaser live on E3 last year with my SO, I was overly excited about it. I have always been a big fan of the KH game. The thing is I played it as a child. I had forgotten a lot about the game.. When my SO saw how excited I was about the 3rd one coming out, he surprised me last month for Christmas by getting me the 2 remastered versions (thank you babe, Love You, you are the best!). Ever since then, I have been playing the game every chance I got ( I still haven’t beat the first game yet but I am close). I am basically preparing myself for the new one by playing the first two.

PS4 Kingdom Hearts 3 limited edition

All of my childhood memories came back to me and I started to remember the game play. When I was little, the bosses where hard, really hard. Also, I didn’t fully understand the game at the time. Now that I am playing it as an adult, I understand everything, it is a whole lot easier for me than when I was a kid and I am loving every second of the game.

Original KH3 2002
Kingdom Hearts was first released for Playstation 2 in 2002

I love the love story between Sora and Kairi and the love/ hate relationship between Riku and Sora. I also fully appreciate the idea and work that went into developing the game. In my opinion, it is the best game ever made. You get to play with different Final Fantasy and Disney characters, in one game! That is so cool!

Kingdom heart main characters
Kingdom Heart main characters

So far the only major, in your face difference, was with the 100 acre wood. The intro part,  where Winnie the Pooh was sitting on a log, thinking of a way to say goodbye to himself. As a kid I remember being sad and saying “oh, poor Pooh bear”. Seeing it again as an adult, I was shocked. I thought, is Pooh bear suicidal? WTF! I am so glad I did not notice that as a kid. Everything else is better than I remember it.

100 Acre Wood Intro, Pooh on log thinking

If you haven’t seen it yet (I’m sure you have) you can see KH3 trailer below. If you are a fan or you can’t wait for KH3 like me, comment bellow. Let’s start a conversation thread.


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