Every Hot Wheels Batmobile EVER! Instagram’s @batman_forever_diecast

On my DC Collecticast podcast (ComicBookIntl.com Network), I’ve begun interviewing DC collecting masters from Instagram. A recently found master of the Batmobile universe is Tim Jack from @batman_forever_diecast.

Instagram’s @batman_forever_diecast

From my interview with Tim:

TJ: I started the Instagram site back in 2017, so it’s been up for about two years; but, I have always been a collector of Batmobiles, since I was a little kid. 

BD: Really? Oh, talk about that!

BTAS Diecast- @batman_forever_diecast

TJ: Yea, yea! So, I think the pinnacle point was when Batman first came out with Michael Keaton. I thought that was a cool car. 

BD: So, 1989. 

TJ: Yea I had to have it. I was, what? I was like fourteen, fifteen years old back then. And, so, there was a toy line named ‘Ertl,’ now, they still produce farm diecast vehicles. They had these Batmobiles, and I just had to have it. And, that was the first car that I had ever gotten out of my collection; which I still have by the way. 

BD: Oh man, you still have it? 

TJ: Oh, oh, yea. I’ve bought multiple different types of cars. I don’t sell my collection. What I buy or collect, I keep. 

BD: So, that car is thirty years old now. 

TJ: That’s right, and that’s how long I’ve been collecting Batmobiles. 

Batman 66 Batmobile- @batman_forever_diecast

Tim Jack continues: I even got recognized by the Diecast Hall of Fame back in 2017, which I was a nominee of literal hundreds. I had made the nominee list of five. They had given me a plaque for collecting this sort of genre of the Batmobile. So, I’m proud of that, I’m actually in their books of the class of 2017 . 

The man is literally an award winning collector! And, no surprise there, considering the amount of detailed knowledge and archival work is behind Tim Jack’s collection. Just look  at the @batman_forever_diecast post below for the at the amount of Batmobile history and information Tim gives us in a single post:

Later in DC Collecticast  interview, Tim tells us that he has EVERY SINGLE Hot Wheels Batmobile ever made. Every one!

His collection requires the specifications of a diecast build, not to be confused with other toy cars made of plastic or simply metal components. So, this allows Tim to collect outside of Hot Wheels as well, just not outside diecast.

May I risk the pun of saying he’s a die hard diecaster? (Painful to read, but somebody had to say it).

New episodes of DC Collecticast return to ComicBookIntl.com in February and we are beyond excited to have a collector of this caliber back for the celebratory new season!

Don’t forget to follow Tim Jack on Instagram for his extensive and exceptional collection of the greatest car on DC earth! @batman_forever_diecast

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