DC Collectibles Interview | BTAS Action Figures Toy Fair 2019

There are collectibles from the DC universe.

Then, there are DC Collectibles .

BTAS Action Figures Toy Fair 2019
This year’s “Batman: The Animated Series” Action Figure line from the DC Collectibles booth at NY Toy Fair 2019. Photo: ComicBookIntl.com

The in-house play division of DC is renowned for its presence at the New York International Toy Fair. And believe us here at C506 , 2019 kept DC’s toy tradition alive and well. I had the action figure packed pleasure of interviewing DC Collectibles’ Senior Art Director, Brian Walters , to talk about all the newest DC fun to come.

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This year at Toy Fair, I rolled deep into the DC booth, journalizing for three total outlets: this one C506.net, my Above and Batman Beyond  podcast ; and was especially excited to bring to the fair for the first time, DC Collecticast . Since DC Collectibles was not at NY Comic With this past year, NY Toy Fair 2019 was also the first official event where both DC Collectibles and DC CollectiCAST were in the same room. Ecstatic was not the word!

For years now, a mainstay of DC Collectibles is their Batman: The Animated Series line of 6 “action figures.” 2019’s reveals did not disappoint, and among its newest characters was Benjamin David fave: The Gray Ghost (As seen in the photo above, at the bottom left of the display.) Cue the endless tearful childhood memories of watching young Bruce Wayne glued to the TV with his dad; Bruce watching his hero, the Gray Ghost, as I did the same with my own dad and my own animated hero.

Eleven my DC collecting tears were dry (I did not really cry at Toy Fair, for the record), I was able to get a really nice chunk of time with Brian Walters from DC. Rightfully, we began our Toy Fair talk with BTAS  action figures.

Standard BTAS Figs: Two-Face, Scarecrow, and HARDAC

BTAS Two Face Action Figure | Toy Fair 2019
DC Collectibles “Batman: The Animated Series” Two-Face Action Figure, NY Toy Fair 2019. Photo: ComicBookIntl.com

From DC’s Brian Walters at NY Toy Fair 2019, on the newest Batman: The Animated Series 6″ action figures:

BW: This is a long running line for us. There’s a few characters we’ve missed, so we have the Two-Face from Batman: The Animated Series and Scarecrow from BTAS. We released those characters in the New Batman Adventures designs, but we hadn’t gotten around to the BTAS designs, so we’re happy to do that. We also have HARDAC in the middle there, and then last but not least, we have Gray Ghost.

Release dates, you ask?

Brian Walters continues: All of these are coming out in the spring of 2019.

BTAS Batcycle 

BTAS Batcycle | Toy Fair 2019
DC Collectibles “Batman: The Animated Series” Batcycle, NY Toy Fair 2019. Photo: ComicBookIntl.com

But, wait, wasn’t there a really cool looking BTAS vehicle announced with this year’s reveals?

Guys, I’m getting there!

BW: Perhaps more exciting, we have the Batcycle. We’ve released the Batmobile, the Batwing. He uses the bike just as much as anything else, right? So, you can see it light up. It comes off this base. The base is just so you can set it up and have it on display if you want. The wheels rotate, you can see the headlight and the lights on the dash here. But, what’s equally cool is that Batman is a completely re-engineered figure. The original figure, he wouldn’t obviously be able to get into pose to be able to ride the bike, so it’s an entirely new figure. And, you’ll see the posable cape here so you’ll really be able to get that wind sweeping motion which is really neat. 

Timm and Ty Templeton Figs: Deathstroke, Azrael, Armored Batman, and Red Hood

Ty Templeton Animated Action Figures | Toy Fair 2019
DC Collectibles Ty Templeton/Bruce Timm designed action figures; Red Hood and Armored Batman; NY Toy Fair 2019. Photo: ComicBookIntl.com

BW: We’ve been working with Bruce Timm and Ty Templeton. Bruce Timm, obviously, the writer [and creator] of BTAS, Ty Templeton was the artist on the comic book. We’ve been working with them to create these animated inspired action figures. Here, you’ll see Deathstroke, Azrael, Armored Batman, and Red Hood. More information to come on these, we’re just revealing them here at the show. More likely, they’ll come out in 2020, but stay tuned for more information as we further develop what this extension can be. We’re really excited to see where we can take this, so stay tuned!  

General Improvements to Articulation

BW: We’re also focusing on some newer articulation in some these figures. You’ll see, particularly on Gray Ghost: You’ll see the double jointed knees. You get more range of motion that way. We’re trying to improve articulation as we go along, always thinking about it, so stay tuned for new developments like that as well.   

Keep in mind that the BTAS interview above is only part of our full DC Collecticast pod episode to come. Stay tuned here at C506 for more web coverage of NY Toy Fair 2019. We have more DC talk to come from the DC booth as well as Funko , Cryptozoic, and NECA! If you haven’t already, check out the YouTube video of this same interview posted above.

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