Cryptozoic Golden Goddess Bombshells | Toy Fair 2019

When I think of Cryptozoic, I think of the little mystery surprise canisters of adorable DC Bombshell girls. Turns out, Toy Fair read my mind with the amount of pin-up inspired DC beauties Cryptozoic had on display this year. And, not just the cute little ones, even their better known 7″ vinyl Bombshell statues.

But, there was another line of Cryptozoic Bombshells and DC ladies at Toy Fair, one that had literally come from the heavens: that of The Golden Goddesses.

At New York Toy Fair 2019 this past week, I caught up with Amanda Barker from the Cryptozoic Entertainment booth. I recorded our Bombshell talk for my DC Collecticast podcast, and was proudly repping C506 for the writing side of things.

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Cryptozoic Harley Golden Goddess

Exclusive Bombshells and Golden Goddesses

Here’s what Cryptozoic had to say at Toy Fair this year, on their famous DC Bombshells as Golden Goddesses:

AB: One of the first things I wanted to mention is our Golden Goddess variants. This is the first time that these have been seen by the public, so this is really exciting. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Cryptozoic is known for our 7″ vinyl DC Bombshell figures.

Cryptozoic Series 3 Golden Goddess Bombshells

One of our big traditions is, we release the Golden Goddess variants at San Diego Comic Con. It’s becoming a huge part of our collectorship and all of our fans are really excited when we show these here at Toy Fair. So, this is our first look. Classic Harley up there in the back. She will be available at Wonder Con, so that’ll be our first Golden Goddess available outside of San Diego Comic Con. 


And then, down below, we have our Series 3 Golden Goddess Bombshells. They will be available at San Diego Comic Con. We also have our ravishing Red Raven for San Diego, and our Blackfire DC Little Bombshell Exclusive for Wonder Con. So, here’s a first look at some of our exclusives.  

Cryptozoic Blackfire Exclusive Bombshell

Keep in mind that the Cryptozoic interview above is only part of our full DC Collecticast pod episode. Stay tuned here at C506 for more web coverage of NY Toy Fair 2019. We have more DC talk on this same episode from Cryptozoic, Funko, DC Collectibles; and content to come from NECA! If you haven’t already, check out the podcast version of this same interview posted above.

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