Our Dungeon Master found this huge and accessible hand drawn maps – MUST BUY

I have been written all day, like always in my job. I don’t really share a lot of time with FB, or Instagram, social media is not for me. I play WOW, or clean figures, IM RAD!


Truth is, Im always loaded with work, between DC, Neca, C506 and health related situations, I barely stay alive while working with 17 people at the same time and 17 deadlines.

I went to Social Media to tell you guys about my upcoming book, but something glorious stole my night. And im so happy about it, because now I have the perfect setup for my players in my Dungeons and dragons campaign.


@bewarethewizard / https://bewarethewizard.com/ , This blog/Store/Shop/Artist is all about #Illustration and the best part is… MAPS !! They can do custom maps, gargantuan places for the imagination  for dungeons and dragons , Pathfinder or any game you want, like my warcraft RP.


Also, there’s this store loaded with #stickers, #shirts, #Pre made maps, #hoodies, DID I MENTIONED THE HUGE MAPS?


Please, take my word, you guys know we only take the best and follow them,  go to: https://bewarethewizard.com/ and purchase a glorious map for your campaign, invite me to play, show your wizkids minis in those maps!! You’ll praise the SUN! Yes im using our @germinis71 line from @wizkidsgames and @redbeardcr custom with this amazing maps 🙂


Our folks decided to share some knowledge and we will be expecting several maps from them, I have promised a review for each, so more video and text from this humble writer soon.

We know how hard is to get an affordable map and support a great project at the same time, if you are like me, you are already buying some maps… and a hoodie.

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