Cryptozoic Lil’ DC Bombshells Review | Lois Lane Series 2

I adore DC Bombshells. The sight of them; even the concept. Everything about Bombshells is a thing I love: Toys, comics, mid-century, pin ups, World War II history, and ladies of the DC universe. Everything is right about that combination.


At last month’s NY Toy Fair, I got the opportunity to speak with Amanda Barker from Cryptozoic Entertainment. I interviewed her at the event for my DC Collecticast podcast, and was gratefully granted press passes by C506. It was such a pleasure being among all the fresh (yet vintage) DC vinyl ladies right there at the booth. Barker confirmed that Cryptozoic is very much known for their line of 7″ DC Bombshell statues.

I distinctly remember Lil’ Bombshells, in particular, being my entree to Cryptozoic. And, for that reason, I’ve followed the company ever since.

Extry extry! Read all about it!

Many thanks to Cryptozoic for sending this box of Series 2 Lil’s for review! Among the three mystery ladies I’ve so far un-canistered, I choose to begin with Lil’ Lois Lane, reporter for the Daily Planet.

Cryptozoic Lil DC Bombshell Review | Lois Lane

As with all 3″ Lil’ DC Bombshells, old timey Lois Lane comes in a classy tin collectible canister. “Collect all 12” of the mystery figures in the series, with 10 unique concept drawings of each possible lady on the back of the can. 2 characters are blacked out with extra mysterious question marks, for the ultimate “Noir” chases of Series 2.

So far, I’ve un-canned a Batgirl, 2 Zatannas, and Lois Lane. Among these 3 unique Bombshells, I chose Lois for a reason. All 3 capture the desired 40s-50s era in their own cute, DC character based, stylistic way. But, the 1940s propaganda newsie from the city corner, reporter Lois Lane: Extry extry, read all about it. That is some old school stuff. That is an idea for a Bombshell.

Lil DC Bombshell Canister

“I find them extra cute, because their lil’ heads actually seem bigger in proportion.”

The Lil’s are extra cute, in my opinion, and not just ‘cause they’re 4″ lil’er than their slightly better known Crytptozoic sisters. I find them extra cute, because their Lil’ heads actually seem bigger in proportion.

I’ve always been a fan of Beast Kingdom’s “Egg Attack” statues. Their heads are slightly bigger than their bodies, in terms of proportion, and it simply makes them cuter. Same effect here with the Lil’ DC Bombshells. The 7″ vinyl ladies also have cutely disproportionate heads, but not as accented as they are with the Lil’ lines. I haven’t confirmed this difference of proportionality for sure, but it’s something I noticed in reviewing Lois.

Lil’ Bombshell Mysteries 1

From head to toe, Lois crushes it, with a big old brown newsie cap, her jet black hair flowing in the Metropolis wind. Red neckerchief, of course, and big adorable dark eyes. The eyes on all the bombshells are another distinct feature. They go hand in hand with the big head head distinction. Busty as a Bombshell should be, Lois is postured confidently with her hand on her curvy hip and 1940s gray vest. In her other hand is the stationary accessory that really drives this mini statue home: A copy of the Daily Planet that reads “‘Caped Wonder Stuns City’ by Lois Lane.” I mean, come on.

Paint, Price, Detail, Availability

I’m very impressed with the paint on this Lois Lane. Especially for the general price point of $12 per ‘shell, there’s little to no running, bleeding, or obvious paint mistakes. Coloring really matches the time period, and those big eye-lined eyes are irresistible.

Lil’ Bombshell Mysteries Case

Detail is also for such a low cost. Little stuff you wouldn’t think of too, like the way Lois’ full bodied hair fills her news cap and folds and waves. It’s a nice sculpt all around, which is important for a line of ladies who are iconically curvy and voluptuous.

Series 2 individual Bombshells are available now in select stores and online retailers, as well as by the case.

Thank you again to Amanda Barker and everyone at Cryptozoic for their time at Toy Fair, and for this case of Bombshells. More reviews to come!

If you haven’t already, check out the Toy Fair episode of our DC Collecticast podcast mentioned above. We have more DC talk on this same episode from Cryptozoic, Funko, and DC Collectibles.

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