DCs’ John Timms leaves Harley for Young Justice

John Timms announced today on Facebook (3/28/2019) that he will be leaving his work on Harley, to work on Young Justice Comics. Fans are heartbroken but will continue to follow his work on Wonder Comics.

John Timms Work
John Timms Work

Within the four years of him working on Harley, he worked on a lot of issues. He even worked on a Harley figure, which is on pre-order now. If you are interested, click here.

John Timms FB 2

He wrote: A new chapter open. And what a chapter! A year ago had a quick chat with Brian Micheal Bendis in Seattle, did the worst work interview ever, anyhow conventions spirit always give you some hope, so I was really happy to know that maybe one day could work with someone that is dream work pm for comic artists, and need no introduction to comic fans. It happens. I’m beyond happy to share that I’m joining WonderComics and Brian Michael Bendis on the Young Justice DC book, hope to stay here for a while, love the characters and how the story is developing. Patrick Gleason did a super job on the first issues, will work hard to fill the shoes. Great editorial team, Mike Cotton, Brittany Holzherr and Jessica Chen. A dream project, dream writer, dream team, can be any better? Don’t think so. Will continue updating on process of pages and so, absolutely magic times ahead! So join us in the adventure! Starting with a gem world sequence on issue 4, main sequence on issue 5 and full into issue 6 and on.

Timms proudly shares a sneak peek on Young Justice issue 7 cover he has been working on with the team. Below I provided the before and after. He is an amazing artist, who has switched to another amazing project.

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