Kelsey Dionne & The Arcane Library: The Storyteller

I love the games – from table to consoles, much time has passed since my first game controller along with that wonderful 20 sided dice.

With C506, I have the honor of working directly with huge DND and gaming companies, people who give life to our fun, recently, I met a wonderful sorceress who lives her days between the spell, the pen and the sword.

A wonderful sorceress who lives her days between the spell, the pen and the sword.

Kelsey Dionne the guardian of The Arcane Library, an expert in education and IT services that has managed to get out and take the step that we all wanted to achieve to live from our passion, so much is my joy that I want to share the pleasure of meeting Kelsey with you all, our readers.

Im going to invite you  all to a mega activity/giveaway from The Arcane Library too, in which a great treasure awaits.

Kelsey Dionne has been a newspaper journalist, teacher at all grade levels, and technology specialist for some of the world’s largest companies. Most importantly, she’s been a Dungeon Master since age 12 when her gaming friends gave her the encouragement needed to pick up the Dungeon Master’s Guide and lead adventurers into worlds unknown.
Nineteen years later, Kelsey now writes bestselling D&D content and dedicates herself to bringing friends together around the world’s greatest roleplaying game. You can find her wherever the swords fly, the spells cut, and the bards sing legends of great heroes.
She’s currently running a massive Dwarven Forge giveaway that still has just over 3 (!) days left to join. Link here:
Anyone who joins the giveaway will also get a new one-shot adventure She has written called “Shadows of Lastwatch Keep.” It’s a fun little dungeon crawl for 4th level players that pits the group against a drow commando team and (spoiler alert), an angry chimera.
I have a very characteristic, minimalist style for how I write adventures that tries to make life easier for the Game Master, and this one will be a prime example of that.

I have an adventure coming out at the end of April I’m writing with the Castle Mac live-streaming crew for the Edgar Allen Poe museum in Richmond, Virginia. We’re going to live stream the debut of the adventure from the Poe museum’s courtyard, and it will be a big fundraising effort that includes prizes from amazing folks in the D&D community, such as Devon Rue! Anyone who tunes in will be able to download the new Poe adventure for free. We did a super successful fundraiser of a similar nature last year where I wrote a Poe-inspired adventure called Masque of the Worms (you can check it out here:
Next, I’m really digging in this spring to write and release a lot of new adventures, which is something I haven’t done in a bit. I’m currently writing an anthology with a few full-length adventures and a few one-shots, and I’m hoping to have that done within the next eight weeks (if all goes according to schedule!). I’m incredibly excited to have Jake from Beware The Wizard doing the cartography on everything I’ve mentioned in this email. Jake is an incredible talent, and I’m so lucky I somehow convinced him to work with me on a slew of upcoming projects with me.
And finally, depending somewhat on the success of the above, I may very will be jumping into this work full-time starting this summer! That’s an almost unbelievable thing to say, but the support from my audience has been incredible, and the idea of getting to write full-time for the TTRPG community is a dream come true. I’m trying to document this process of becoming a full-time, self-published D&D writer with the eventual hope of helping others do the same. I have a sub-set of my audience who are all very talented content creators, and I want to see a thriving community of full-time writers who are able to dedicate themselves to elevating this art form to new heights together.

– Kelsey
C506 is really proud to feature content and news from Masters and creators like Kelsey, what an amazing career she has, If anyone is interested in reading about her path into full-time writing as it develops, she will be talking about it using her mailing list, which anyone can join here (and get a free adventure in the process):
If anyone wants to check out my writing, I do have an adventure published on the DMs Guild that is totally free called The Secrets of Skyhorn Lighthouse. I’m so grateful for what a success that adventure has been — it spent many months as the #1 rated free product on the DMs Guild, and has been downloaded more than 40,000 times and reviewed a whopping 148 times, which are shocking numbers I still can’t believe. – Kelsey

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