-Press Release- C506 LATAM Partners with Bear 3D Graphics

Bear 3D Graphics, the premier in 3D custom printing is proud to announce their partnership with C506. We are looking forward to working with the Latino community and bringing your ideas to life!


About Bear 3D Graphics

Bear is small custom printing company that is known for our custom painted 3D creations. We are an animal friendly company with our dogs always having final approval of our pet statues. Despite being small, Bear is an international company with our in-house Canadian painter, our Dutch graphics designer and our worldwide shipping we reach across the globe. We love working with our clients to create personalized gaming accessories. Whether you would like your club logo on your dice tower or your dice base to match your gaming table we can make it happen.

Our number one seller, the castle three path dice tower, comes in a variety of colors and can be customized with your logo (email for pricing). It has a detachable base for play without the tower and detachable dice box for storage.


Our skull three path dice tower comes in glow in the dark or hand painted for that authentic look.


and has a matching dice case.


Our new ship accessories set can be customized in size (up to 8 inches) and color!



Our first creations are our custom-made chess sets. Here are our Terra Cotta Warriors and Wizard Chess sets. These are super special as we work with our customers to create their ideal chess set – imagine picking the characters you would like for each piece (email for pricing).


Stay tuned for more dice boxes on the way! Shoot us an email for custom orders! [email protected]

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