7 Days to Die Alpha 18 already in the works

A Fun Pimps staff has stated recently that artists and world builders are moving onto Alpha 18.  He says that they are still working out the bugs of A17 but are still moving forward to work on Alpha 18 at the same time. Fun Pimps admits that they ran out of time and Alpha 17 took way too long. The reason it did was that it was a huge framework build and are done changing major systems and done adding framework. From here on out, they will be doing optimizations, bug fixes, polish, and new content in that order of priority. Fun Pimps are not able to give out a release date for Alpha 18 but they can assure us it will be in the first half of 2019.

In Alpha 17 one of the goals of the new perk system was to not have major content or character classes/roleplays being blocked by random number generation or “can’t find this book to craft a bike, etc”. For Alpha 18 madmole a Fun Pimp employee created over 100 (possibly 130ish) new books that permanently unlock a perk. They are not super powerful but designed to augment your perk investment and make you feel a little more specialized. Each book set once you have read all of them and unlocks special collectors perk that IS quite POWERFUL. Here are a few examples of what may be seen in the new Alpha 18:

Enforcer Books
Enforcer: Damage Do 5% more damage with magnums
Enforcer: Apparel Take 5% less damage when wearing a suit
Enforcer: Unlucky Punks Do you feel lucky? The last shot does double damage
Enforcer: Intimidation Bartering with a magnum drawn gives you a 5% better deal.
Enforcer: Ammunition Vendors have more magnum ammo for sale
Enforcer: Corrupt Cops Do 5% more damage to cops
Enforcer: Bulk ammunition Bulk craft 44 Magnum ammunition
Enforcer Collector perk Shots from magnums have a high chance to dismember

The Great Heist Books

The Great Heist: Safes Do 10% more damage to safes.
The Great Heist: Gems & Jewels Find more jewelry and precious gems in safes.
The Great Heist: C4 Can craft C4 which does massive damage to doors and safes with minimal structural damage or heat map. C4 is made from scrap iron, scrap polymers, gunpowder, and acid.
The Great Heist: Claimed! Do 20% more damage to land claimed property.
The Great Heist: Adrenaline Fall Can fall up to 30 meters without taking damage when carrying 5000 or more dukes.
The Great Heist: Sprint Sneaking Use no stamina from sprint sneaking.
The Great Heist Collection Perk Adds a chance to sneak past auto turrets
A couple of new books and we’re trying out some lower case fonts.

Automatic Weapons:

Automatic Weapons: Damage Automatic weapons do 5% more damage
Automatic Weapons: Uncontrolled Burst Fully automatic mode does 1% more damage per hit until you miss.
Automatic Weapons: Maintenance 50% less degradation
Automatic Weapons: Rifleman Increases range of controlled bursts by 20 meters
Automatic Weapons: Recoil Reduces recoil significantly
Automatic Weapons: Incendiary ammo Can craft short range explosive rounds, great for raiding buildings and doing mass damage up close.
Automatic Weapons Collection Perk Successive shots to the same target have a high chance of dismemberment

There are books based on every major play style and focused on every weapon. The Fun Pimps said they will probably remove the existing perk books but will keep the ingredient based schematic system for crafting advanced items.
Not only are books coming back and new ones will be added to Alpha 18 but new weapons and new looks to the icons. The new weapons will be an M60 Heavy Machine Gun, Double Barrel Shotgun and C4.




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