Summer Statues from DC: Batman Black and White by K. Rocafort and G. Capullo

A big draw for me to Batman is the noir. The old school, the pulpy detective flick. The black and white of it all.

Batman: Black and White has become a classy staple of DC Comics and its in house collectibles division.


And, I am all for it; as a Bat fan and DC collector.

Both of these summer 2019 statues stood out to me at NY Toy Fair this year. DC Comics artist Greg Capullo and his Batman Who Laughs will always get your attention in any form, best selling comic, statue, wherever. But, this other Kenneth Rocafort design is a radical, sharp, almost Xenomorph from Alien, sci-fi Bat. Oh, and the other awesome detail: they’re both in black and white.

Writing for C506 at Toy Fair, I interviewed Brian Walters this year, Senior Art Director of DC Collectibles. I also recorded our talk for my DC Collecticast podcast, live from the DC booth.

Listen to this same interview in audio form on DC Collecticast (Skip to 17:57).

Brian Walters: Batman: Black and White is our longest running statue line. We’re in the neighborhood of ninety unique statues. There are even more if we factor in the second editions.

Batman by Kenneth Rocafort Statue
Batman by Kenneth Rocafort

But, these are the four coming out in the second half of 2019: You’ll see the Batman by Kenneth Rocafort, a really unique design on the end there. Kenneth is a great artist, and has a great design sense. So, we’re happy to have him in the line.

Right next to him is the Batman Who Laughs Second Edition statue. Last year at Toy Fair, we released the First Edition of this statue. It sold out instantly. So what we’ve done is, we’ve gone back and added a lot of metallic paint ops. To mix it up, we’ve inverted the base to make it a second edition, and give fans the opportunity to pick up this statue who hadn’t had the opportunity originally. So, that comes out this summer. 

Batman Who Laughs Black and White Statue
Batman Who Laughs by Greg Capullo

The Kenneth Rocafort Batman is expected to hit stores this month and Greg Capullo’s Batman Who Laughs will be laughing into stores this August. Ha!

From DC Collectibles: “The dynamic Batman by Kenneth Rocafort displays Rocafort’s mastery of line and movement.” The masterful statue is 1:10 scale, standing at 8.7 in. Batman Who Laughs is also 1:10, at 7.6 in. Both black and white Bat men are made of polyresin and limited to 5,000 units.

If you haven’t already, check out the Toy Fair episode of our DC Collecticast podcast mentioned above. We have more DC talk on this same episode from CryptozoicFunko, and DC Collectibles.

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