Batman: The Adventures Continue with Comics at Toy Fair

Batman: The Animated Series fans like me often wonder to themselves and other DC animated nerds: ‘what happened to Bruce Wayne and the Bat family between New Batman Adventures and Batman Beyond decades later?’ And, for those of us who are also toy nerds, ‘What would those figures look like?’

Batman: The Adventures Continue NY Toy Fair 2020 Reveals

Now, we no longer need to wonder!

Creators and head writers of the OG BTAS have returned in comic form to quite literally continue the animated adventures in Batman the Adventures Continue. Writers Paul Dini and Alan Burnett are back to write and Ty Templeton to pencil. This news, in and of itself is massive for Batman the animated community. But, even before the comics were announced, all of these same creators were working on DC Direct‘s action figure line of the same name: Batman: The Adventures Continue. 

The news dropped of the BTAC comic just weeks before this year’s Toy Fair, so I could not WAIT to see what DC Direct’s in-house toy makers had to say about the new tie-in DC stories.

Upcoming ‘Batman the Adventures Continue’ comics, pencils by Ty Templeton

Covering DC as always here at C506, I interviewed Brian Walters at DC Direct, Senior Art Director; as well as DCD’s eccentric Creative Director, Jim Fletcher, and an upcoming exclusive with DC sculptor, Paul Harding. While at the fair I also covered McFarlane, NECA, and Lego, all interviews focused on DC. Stay tuned here at C506 for more live coverage as well as my podcasts/YouTube channels: DC Collecticast and Above and Batman Beyond.

Batman: The Adventures Continue Thomas Wayne Batman

Last year at NY Toy Fair 2019, BTAC 6″ action figures were first previewed to the public. A year later, we have an additional wave of characters unveiled for BTAC, along with the corresponding comic coming in April.

From DC Direct’s  Brian Walters at NY Toy Fair 2020: 

BW: Last year, as you mentioned, we previewed an idea we had about what happens between New Batman Adventures and Batman Beyond, some characters that maybe didn’t exist there. Well, being direct from the source, we worked with DC Editorial to develop kind of a back story. We enlisted Paul Dini and Alan Burnett and Ty Templeton to give us some authenticity.

BTAC Red Hood and Azrael

Ty Templeton worked on the designs and then Alan Burnett is writing the comic book with Paul Dini, and we developed this kind of universe between all the shows, which is great and we’re excited to reveal new figures.

BD: Awesome! So, tell us what we’re looking at here at the [DC Direct] booth.

BW:  So, right now, you’ve got some of the ones we revealed last year, like Red Hood and Azrael. But you’ve got others like the Batman Who Laughs, Vampire Batman, Thomas Wayne Batman, as well as a Talon figure.

Batman: the Adventures Continue Talon

BW (continued): And, then you also have some of the older figures. Obviously, Batman hasn’t gone anywhere in Gotham City. So, we’re reissuing some of the older figures, but with a cel shaded variant art style and deco to kind of differentiate them from the original ones we released 4 to 5 to six years ago. So, that’s how we’re rolling this out.

BW (continued): There’s also a Christmas with the Joker that we’re re-releasing in a metallic deco for the holiday season, towards the end of the year.

BTAS Christmas with the Joker Metallic variant Holiday re-release

BD: So, the Toy Fair reveals: It was the Joker that you just talked about and the Talon, right?

BW: Yes, that’s correct. Thomas Wayne Batman as well…But, yea, those are the primary reveals here at the show.

Here is a complete  list of Batman: The Adventures Continue figures from DC at NY Toy Fair:

Batman The Adventures Continue Action Figures:

  • Robin
  • The Joker
  • The Batman Who Laughs
  • Batman v.2
  • Catwoman
  • Vampire Batman
  • Talon (NY Toy Fair reveal)
  • Thomas Wayne Batman (NY Toy Fair reveal)
  • Batgirl (NY Toy Fair reveal)
  • Robin (Tim Drake) (NY Toy Fair reveal)
    • Batman: The Adventures Continue Batman Who Laughs

    Batman: The Adventures Continue Tim Drake Robin
Batman: The Adventures Continue Batgirl

Again, stay tuned for live DC Direct coverage here at C506 as well as my DC Collecticast and Above and Batman Beyond podcast/YouTube shows.

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