Stake #1: Women of Comics Exclusive Cover Collection, the Kickstarter project that you can’t miss

Kickstarter without a doubt has given us countless opportunities to meet incredible projects, Stake, without a doubt, is one of these wonderful comics that we can obtain thanks to the digital platform, continue with us if you want to know more about this great project.

Stake presents a world where for three years, vampires have announced their presence to the world in a big way; In an instant, Angel lost her two best friends and her life changed forever. Now, as a member of the Vampire Bounty Hunters Union and with the help of her former vampire mentor, Jessamy, she is searching for the vampire who destroyed her life. She is … Stake.

This is the first issue with 26 pages by the writer David A Byrne, the artist Luis Bernardino, and letters by Joel Rodriguez.

Here you can see a preview of this comic:

In addition to this, the comic will feature an impressive variety of variant covers, where we can mention big names, such as Stephanie Lavaud, Piper Rudich, Tiffany Groves, Zu Orzu, Carla Cohen, Sorah Suhng & Serafleur, you will see these variants below:

Below you can find the prices of this campaign.

Finally, it should be noted that we had the great opportunity to talk with the creator of the series, David A. Byrne, who shares the following words:

The Stake Women of Comics Cover Collection Kickstarter is something I’m really proud of and can’t wait for everyone to receive. We have creators for 9 different countries working on this project and tiers to fit every budget. This campaign is for art lovers and people who love vampires, but are sick of the same old vampire mythology. If you like Buffy, Blade, or even Veronica Mars, you’ll love Stake!
-David A Byrne, creator

If this project has interested you, we invite you to visit its Kickstarter page, which you can access by clicking here.

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