Featured comic’s artist: Come and meet the great art of ilustratOLKA

Aleksandra Cagara, also known as ilustratOLKA, is our featured  comic’s artist this week, continue with us to learn more about her wonderful art.

Aleksandra Cagara presents the development of different drawing and painting techniques, which includes the use of acrylic and watercolor paints, as well as more traditional finishes with the use of inks, demonstrating the versatility of this artist.

Her knowledge of painting, coupled with her amazing drawing skills, allows this artist to develop works of art that are simply stunning.

As if this were not enough, Cagara also performs masterfully in the use of digital media for art making.


Cagara has also ventured into the world of comics, with the publication of the comic Terra Nostra, in which she participate with two short stories, in this, her story of Aphrodite and Hades was awarded a best short story award within the same .

In addition, Cagara highlights that it is open for commissions in the comics area, with the possibility of drawing covers or interiors of them, below will be able to see the incredible graphic work of it.

You can see more of his amazing art below.
Currently, Cagara has an open list for commissions and highlights that it has a special interest in developing works related to the world of comics, so if you want to contact her for this purpose or to follow her art, you can do it through her different social networks, in the same way you can visit their online store:

Online store: http://ilustratolka.com/en/shop/
Web page: http://ilustratolka.com/en/
Instagram: ilustratolka
Facebook: ilustratolka

Contact: [email protected]

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