DC Direct Interview, Introducing Joker Clown Prince of Crime Statues

This year, once again, I covered DC for C506 at NY Toy Fair. Quite literally direct from the source was DC Direct, now back from “DC Collectibles” to their original in house name. In terms of Toy Fair reveals, an exceptional new statue line from DC was the 7″ Joker: Clown Prince of Crime.

DC Direct’s Brian Bolland Joker: Clown Prince of Crime 7″ statue, NY Toy Fair 2020. Photo: Collectible506.com

The new statues starring Mista J are a spin off of DC Direct’s treasured Batman: Black and White line of seven inchers.

New DC Direct logo. From ‘DC Collectibles’ back to their original name.
DC Direct’s Brian Walters explains, live from Toy Fair.

Walters introduces the clown princes by explaining how Brian Bolland’s BB&W will launch them into statuedom:

BW:  Here, we have Batman by Brian Bolland. And, the reason he’s here is we’re launching a whole new line called the Joker: Clown Prince of Crime. So, when Brian Bolland’s statue comes out in November, there will also be a Brian Bolland Joker statue that will come out in November as well, launching the Clown Prince of Crime statue line.

DC Direct’s Joker: Clown Prince of Crime 7″ statue by Brian Bolland
Batman and Joker from DC Comics’ “The Killing Joke” by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland

BD: Yes! ‘Cause, that is Batman from Killing Joke, right?

BW: Exactly. And, this (pointing at the Bolland Joker) is based on the iconic cover from the Killing Joke. So, we’re really excited about this line. It should have the same legs that I hope Batman: Black and White has had.

DC Direct’s Brian Bolland Batman Black and White 7″ statue, NY Toy Fair 2020. Photo: Collectible506.com

Beyond that, in 2021, we have the Joker by Jim Lee.

DC Direct’s Joker: Clown Prince of Crime 7″ statue by Jim Lee

BW (continued): And, the Joker by Lee Bermejo which is one of my favorite statues.

Agreed, Walters. Strongly agreed. The Bermejo piece looks straight from the acclaimed Brian Azzarello/Bermejo comic, simply titled Joker. Dynamic, gritty, Dark Knightish. Masterful.

DC Direct’s Joker: Clown Prince of Crime 7″ statue by Lee Bermejo

Again, we’re looking at November for the Killing Joke statue to launch it all, and the rest of our Clown Princes are due out 2021. Which 7″ psychopath do you want to take home?!

Along with my C506 coverage, I also brought my podcasts/Youtube channels to NY Toy Fair as well: DC Collecticast and Above and Batman Beyond. Enjoy the video below for this same talk about the Clown Prince statue line at DC Direct. Subscribe to our podcasts too, both by the same name.

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