Bad-Girls, the kickstarter project that shows us the fabulous art of Marcelo Trom

Kickstarter is a magnificent window to publicize new projects and allows the community to count on the satisfaction of helping to finance said project, with the additional advantages that it brings.

With the above in mind, C506 is proud to recommend Bad-Girls, a sketch book with great meaning, continue with us to learn more about this incredible project.

Bad-Girls shows us the art of the late artist Marcelo Trom, the artist of Brazilian origin known for his art in the Good girl comic and the Infinite Punishment series.

The works of this talented artist are compiled in “Bad-Girls the Art of Marcelo Trom“, a book of the artist’s work. Together, publisher Whiting Studios and Marcelo Trom’s wife Juliana Trombini have compiled art, sketches, commissions, and character designs to make this art book a special retrospective on the artist.

The editor Jim Whiting mentions:

“I published the Infinite Punishment series last year, with great success in the direct market, but Marcelo died suddenly after completing pencils on the third issue. With Julian’s guidance, I managed to get the final issue out. I had been planning on doing an art book with Marcelo, so putting this book together as a tribute to Marcelo seemed like a fitting tribute.”

It is important to highlight that the Kickstarter proceeds to benefit Trom’s Family, his wife Juliana, and his five-year-old son Mathius.

You can access this project by clicking here.

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