Full Scale ’89 Bat Props to NECA

I interviewed NECA for C506 at NY Toy Fair in February, and this year, they have quite the new license for DC:

Full scale Bat gadgets!

Enter Michael Keaton, 1989. Choose your weapon from the Toy Fair display.

DC 1:1 prop replica display from NECA, NY Toy Fair 2020; Photo: Collectible506.com
Peter DeLeon does social media for NECA Toys:

PD: We are currently looking at our DC license, it’s our brand new license for 1:1 scale replicas. We’re starting off with Batman: The Animated Series, ’89 Batman movie, some Superman, Batman: Arkham City Nightwing Escrima sticks, and Batman Beyond.

’89 “Batman” Grapnel Launcher 1:1 prop replica from NECA; Photo: Collectible506.com

PD (continued): We have the Grapnel Launcher, the Batarang, and his Line Launcher. There’s stuff that needs to be worked out in terms of function. So, maybe it launches, maybe it doesn’t. But, we’re still working that out with the license.

’89 “Batman” Batarang 1:1 prop replica from NECA; Photo: Collectible506.com

BD: Oh, like physically launches, not the product (Laughs).

PD: No, actual functionality, being able to–more than just a replica, maybe a little bit of a toy.

BD: Price and availability, you said you’re still working out that stuff, right?

’89 “Batman” Line Launcher 1:1 prop replica from NECA; Photo: Collectible506.com

PD: Well, pricing, we can say that we want to aim between $30 to $150; so, obviously, depending on the size or the intricacy of the replica. That will determine the pricing on how that goes. But, max we want to try for maybe $150.

In terms of release, DeLeon went on to say that NECA is shooting for end of year 2020, beginning of 2021. Take into account, this interview was back in February long before quarantine. So, release dates, or even development, for prototypes like these replicas may understandably get delayed.

Stay tuned here at C506 for plenty more NECA coverage, including updates on Michael Keaton’s arsenal above.

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