Discover Mitropia, the latest Kickstarter project developed by Timewarp Labs

C506 invites you to meet Mitropia, the new strategy board game developed by Timewarp Labs, in which you must compete to control the fields of the Gods, continue with us to know all the details.

Mitropia is a strategic area control game, this is based on the mechanics of the old Go game, with surprise elements that make this game an immersive experience for all players.

Within this game you will find tribal powers, pattern movement cards, special actions and more, which you can use to capture the greatest amount of territory and prisoners in the fields of the Gods.

Gameplay mechanics are easy to learn, but create intricate strategic and tactical challenges every time you play. The card game and the randomly generated elements of the board create a more level playing field between advanced players and casual players.

Such items can also be marked or removed for strategic contests. With Mitropia, you get both significant strategic gameplay paired with fun surprises.

Now, it is time to know the basic content that you can get if you decide to sponsor this incredible project on kickstarter:

In addition to this, you can get improvements in your package if you decide to make a larger monetary contribution, then you can see the different levels.

Below you can see a preview by Tantrum House.

In case you can’t wait to have the wonderful experience of this game, you can download a printable version by clicking here.

Additionally, you can play a digital version of this game through Steam with the Tabletop simulator, for this click here.

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