@toyshiz on Comic Con Cancellation

I spoke with fellow toy journalist and friend @toyshiz about ten minutes after catching the news.

“Stay at Home” adapted logo of Instagram toy reporting master @toyshiz

At first, our Zoom recording on 4/17 wasn’t even about the cancellation of San Diego Comic Con. @toyshiz was on my DC Collecticast podcast once again, returning to talk about the Mezco Ascending Knight Batman 1:12 Collective action figure.

But, what are we going to do? Not talk about Con?


So, @toyshiz and I talked–for awhile–about the mothership of nerd events making the decision. It sounds like a depressing, beating a dead Corona horse conversation for a podcast, but there were actually a lot of positives he pointed out (Plus, we still ended up talking plenty of Mezco Batman after!).

From @toyshiz:

I don’t think that Comic Con is just going to go away….There will be something, they’ll have something, and it will be fun. And it always is, so you shouldn’t think: “Oh, they’re not going to do this, they’re not going to do that.” They’ll do something. Companies that you want to see will do something, because it is such a draw, and you have to keep some semblance of it going.

TS (continued): You can’t just say, “Alright, forget it, we’ll see you all in 2021.” No…There’s still money to be made, and that’s good. Because, you’re still promoting the economy, you’re getting things rolling. And, you’re not letting people expire in the sense of, they’re not happy with how things are going, you’re not going to get your fix of entertainment. So, it needs to happen in some way, shape, or form.

Great! Something needs to happen. So, what are the alternatives to a near religious 50 year pop-culture tradition of IRL SDCC?

TS: Thank god we have the internet, where everything can be shown digitally! It can still be a thing…I think, it won’t be like huge, I don’t think it’s going to go exactly how we want it to go. But, I would say, a few companies here and there, they could show–you could see slides, they could say, “This is what’s coming, this is what we had planned.

TS (continued) Of course, then, exclusives could go either way. They could do it online, that’s an option. But, then, it all depends on if they were made in time. Or, are they being hindered now? This is around the time when they should be getting produced and finalized. Comic Con’s only 2 and a half-3 months away.

It’s a lot to wonder about. It seems all we can really do is look forward to the virtual possibilities @toyshiz mentioned, and to readjust our expectations for con-like events during this time. That’s a tough pill to swallow when we’re talking about the cornerstone annual event of the community. But, it’s the non-fantasy world we live in, and it’s literally better to be safe than sorry.

Stay tuned this week for the full interview with @toyshiz on my DC Collecticast podcast. Follow his Instagram @toyshiz and click here for his YouTube channel.

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