C506 invites you to discover Hexpionage, the new project of REWL LLC on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a wonderful world, which allows us to discover amazing projects. Among these impressive projects we can find Hexpionage, a board game full of tension, strategies and luck.

In this board game we will see two players sitting next to each other in intense combat. The shared point of view improves competition as players anticipate their opponent’s next move.

The player with the most secrets will be in charge of starting the game. Once the sides are chosen and the agents are deployed, the battle for intelligence begins.

Hexpionage present a game mode that is easy to learn, however, given the game mode, each game will be a new challenge, you can see the Hexpionage rules by clicking here.

Additionally we invite you to meet the different characters that we will have present in this great game.


Now, it is time to know the basic content that we can find within the Hexpionage game.

You can buy this amazing board game with a value that goes from $25, increasing the value in case you want to make an improvement in your package.

To directly access the kickstarter campaign you can click here.

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