MCFARLANE TOYS: FIRST look at THE Spawn figure MOVING & ARTICULATION from MASTERWORKS SPAWN Kickstarter Come and get yours now!

In 1992, the very first Spawn comic book hit the shelves setting a sales record for an independent comic book. A few years later, in 1995, the first Spawn action figure was released to critical acclaim and helped usher in a whole new way of giving you detail and ‘art’ to your action figures.

Mcfarlane himself updated the project today:

Watch the FIRST MOVING SPAWN FIGURE from the factory which shows most of the articulation of each figure.

Below is a 5-minute video showing you the initial SPAWN figure from the factory.


This is ** NOT A FINAL PRODUCT **  MCFARLANE TOYS will be adding a bit more articulation and making adjustments along the way to make it even better. They will keep showing you more actual progress from the factory as things progress.


**NOTE: The two weapons in the video only come with the Classic Spawn pledges with autographs, but Todd wanted to show both for scale. **

Twenty-five years later, Todd McFarlane is joining forces with Kickstarter to deliver an updated version of that original 1995 Spawn Action Figure and Comic release.

The Original Spawn Action Figure and Comic Remastered (2020) figure will be 7-inches tall and come with a huge folding cape and weapon.

The articulation in this version will be more than double what the original action figure had, and the included comic cover will be remastered by the international award-winning artist and creator of the Spawn character, Todd McFarlane.

We are ready to bring this figures to our collections and you can expect more details soon.

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