Timewarp Labs shares more information about their new project, Mitropia

The ambitious board game developed by Timewarp Labs on Kickstarter, Mitropia, has been successfully reached its funding goal, confirming its development. The C506 team had the opportunity to speak with Timewarp Labs about their amazing project, continue with us to discover more about Mitropia.

C506: Greetings, it is a pleasure to be with you, first of all I would like you to comment on what is the game mechanics?

Timewarp Labs: The game uses Go game mechanics (which is a classic game) but makes them multiplayer and adds some cool layers. Therefore, it is a clever twist on classical mechanics.

C506: That sounds a bit complex. Do you think that I, as a casual gamer, can get into this game?

Timewarp Labs: Sure! Mitropia is quick to learn and teach.

C506: That’s great, now do you think you can tell us a bit more about the game?

Timewarp Labs: Yes, Mitropia features infinite playability, great depth, and modularity in gameplay. This is because the board is different each time and you can also play in different sizes. You can add customize the set of rules you are using in the game according to your needs.

Additionally, Mitropia has the same thing that made video games like Diablo or almost all Roguelike games successful, which corresponds to the element of surprise every time you play a new game. Every time you have to adjust your strategy depending on the board you play on and the cards in your hand.

C506: This project is really incredible and we expect a lot from it. Would you like to give any final comment?

Timewarp Labs: With this Kickstarter the game is finished and ready. We’ve also tried all the stretch goals, but there will be sponsor feedback options so we can adapt to the choices they make. It is a good opportunity to influence the project.

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