“Can Narcos be Fashion?” Netflix show to become a designer brand

it was announced that Gaumont (www.gaumont.fr) has partnered with Dropdaze (www.dropdaze.com) to conceptualize, create, and launch the designer brand, “Narcos Los Angeles.” The brand will encompass luxury jewelry, designer fashion pieces, lifestyle goods, and collaboration capsule collections inspired by the hit Netflix original series Narcos. The brand’s design team is led by noted designers and passionate artisans with backgrounds in creating avant-garde collections.

Season one of Narcos Los Angeles will launch with a luxury collection of men’s ready-to-wear jewelry, and accessories, utilizing premium textiles, handcrafted hardware, and custom graphics while staying true to the moody tone of the series. All jewelry is made in Los Angeles and will be available in both .925 sterling silver and gold with the option of bespoke pieces being a key differentiator for the brand.

Featured apparel items include refined military jackets and pants, heavy-weight graphic tees and hoodies, and silk soccer uniform sets. Each item will recreate memorable style moments of the acclaimed series with a contemporary approach.

The Narcos Los Angeles collection will be available to purchase online this year. An interactive web experience and pop-up shops will be located in select, key markets in support of the brand launch. These brand experiences will authentically connect the visual identity in the collection to secretive, clubhouse-like spaces inspired by the sets of the show.

To add to the excitement, Narcos Los Angeles is slated to drop show-inspired collaborations with notable names in the world of designer fashion and luxury goods which will further deliver upon the promise of this new and unique lifestyle brand. The licensing partnership between Gaumont and Dropdaze was brokered by Evolution, Narcos‘ global licensing agency.
Sign-up for updates about the brand at www.narcoslosangeles.com or visit @narcoslosangeles on Instagram.

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