C506 invites you to discover the graphic novel Electropunk: Children of the Future

C506 is proud to present Electropunk: Children of the Future, an amazing kickstarter project that you can’t pass up.

Electropunk: Children of the Future places us initially in 1910 and we are introduced to Nikola Tesla, one of the richest and most influential men in the world.

As a by-product of his wealth and scientific progress, he makes a surprising discovery, realizes that there is some truth to most of the world’s myths and legends, and there are all manner of creatures that prey on unsuspecting humanity, in that moment, Tesla decides to take matters into his own hands.

In the same way, he decides to raise his orphaned niece and nephew, the twins Ruthie and Chuck, to be the sword and shield of humanity. Tesla designs improved armor suits to protect both their bodies and their identities. In short, they have to become monsters to fight monsters.

Now, it is time to meet the cast.

Below you can find a preview of this great graphic novel.

This incredible graphic novel is written by B. Dave Walters and with art by Jeff Wamester, additionally it has the talented artist Natalia Bacetti as background painter.

This novel is only found on Kickstarter, so if you wish to purchase it you must enter the project page, for this you can enter by clicking here.

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