Dirty Work At The Crossroads #1, the comic that transports us to the apocalypse

Dirty Work At The Crossroads transports us to an apocalyptic world where we will meet Sunday, who will have a change in his luck after an unexpected work. Continue with us to learn more about this incredible comic.

The story initially places us in an illegal genetic research laboratory on a remote planet. But after the corporation in charge was investigated by Earth officials, all communications were cut and the settler was abandoned, leaving them abandoned in a world with difficult conditions and limited natural resources.

Seventy years later, Sunday Childs, who was born in this world, struggles to survive in the apocalyptic landscape populated by warring factions and escape genetic experiments.

Sunday’s luck will change for better or worse when the planet’s former ruler, known as the Mother, sends her on a murder mission.

Below you can see a preview of this comic:

This comic is planned as a 5-number mini-series and the first number is currently on kickstarter, below you can see the different tiers you can find.

If you want to buy this comic you can do it by accessing the following link Dirty Work At The Crossroads # 1: A Post Apocalyptic Tale

Also remember to follow Evoluzione Publishing, who are in charge of bringing us this incredible comic.

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