Manage, explore and conquer with Mothership, the board game that you can’t miss

C506 proudly introduces you to Mothership, an ambitious board game that allows you to explore and conquer the space. Continue with us to know all the details of this incredible board game.

Mothership combines miniatures, strategy games, and dice combat in an easy-to-learn experience that everyone can enjoy. Control a fleet of ships and cargo across the galaxy, capturing planets, building defenses, and accumulating powerful technologies.

Different game modes are presented, where we find the Deathmatch mode which is a fight for power, or you can play the fast and frenetic Victory Point mode.

With game play that’s built from the ground up to eliminate end-game drag, you’ll find Mothership to be light-hearted, engaging and thrilling from start to finish.

In-game, the fleet consists of five unique ship types, including the mothership, which can modify its weapons, shields, and engines on the fly.

Within the base game you can find the following objects:

Additionally you can find different expansions that will improve your gaming experience, within which you can find Call of the Void, Into the Vortex and the XL Add-on Pack.

Currently Mothership has already been successfully funded through a kickstarter and they are in a second campaign, which in addition to the game and the expansions mentioned above, you can find a Booster pack with new content for the game, ships with gold finishes for the game, as well as Mothership-inspired dice set.

Each of these new items has a value of $ 10 with the possibility of being sent to any country in the world for an additional $ 6.

If you are interested in this great board game you can go directly to his project on kickstarter Mothership: 2nd Edition + Booster Pack.

On the other hand, if you want to try the game you can do it for free using the Steam tabletop by entering the following link Mothership: Tabletop Combat & Into the Vortex Expansion.

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