Control the fate of the galaxy with OverBattle

OverBattle allows us to manage resources and generate troops in order to conquer the galaxy. Stay with us and discover the secrets that OverBattle prepares for us.

OverBattle is a massive table game that allows playability from two to four players, where we will have to create strategies, alliances and manage our resources in order to dominate the galaxy.

Each of the games can vary, this according to the number of players and the configuration you want to integrate into the game, making OverBattle a different challenge in each round!

As mentioned initially, OverBattle is a massive game, with 10 pounds of fun and over 1000 pieces per box.

Currently, OverBattle has the possibility of being expanded up to 8 players if you have two copies of the game, this to expand the competitiveness and the tactical level that each player requires to implement.

Now, it is time to meet the factions.

Undoubtedly OverBattle is a complex game worth playing, below you can find an incredible video made by The Board Game Closet in which they give us a preview of OverBattle.

The creators of Overbattle tell us the following:

OverBattle is a game created by players for players. Learning through visionaries from Apple to Tesla, Uber to SpaceX … each believed they were unique and different enough from normal to make a difference. And each has earned his place in world history.

In C506 we have no doubt about the words given by the creators of OverBattle, additionally the game has been backed with hundreds of positive comments given by players present in different important events such as GenCon to PAX Unplugged, South and East, FlatCon to SaltCon to RinCon and the Midwest Gamefest.

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