Mothership expands its universe with a new campaign on Kickstarter

Mothership expands its universe with a new campaign in Kickstarter, in which we can discover new objects that give a new vision of the game. Continue with us to discover the new that Mothership prepares for us.


Mothership is about to grow even further with the Content Booster Pack, which was requested by the community. Included in this pack are new action cards, artifacts, emergency beacons, classes, and more.

As if this were not enough, an exclusive metal gold fleet and a 7-piece Vortex dice set are also featured in this campaign.

In the new Booster Pack you can find:

Each of these new objects have a value of approximately $ 10, with a shipping cost of $ 6 to anywhere in the world.

Below you can find in more detail what you can expect in this new campaign:

Additionally, you can find different Stretch Goals in this campaign, which will be unlocked as more people sponsor it.

If you decide to sponsor this project, you can add as an Add-on any of the objects present in this kickstarter, as well as the base game of Mothership and all its expansions, with the possibility of acquiring the base game, or Mothership: EVERYTHING!

Below you can find the Mothership trailer, as well as the trailer for Call of the void expansion.

If you are interested in this amazing game, you can go directly to his project on kickstarter Mothership: 2nd Edition + Booster Pack.

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