C506 invites you to meet Frenemy Pastry Party, the new game from Solis Game Studio

Solis Game Studio presents for the first time the English version of Frenemy Pastry Party, a fun game for the whole family. Follow us to discover more details of this incredible game.

Frenemy Pastry Party is a light family drawing game in which you bake a cake with your friends. This game was originally released in Taiwan by Mizo Games and now Solis Game Studio gives us great opportunity to play adorable game.

Frenemy Pastry Party allows you to integrate up to 6 players, who must choose between different animal friends who prefer different ingredients, then we must choose to take two ingredient cards in turn to complete our cake, the player who has managed to bake more cakes will win.

Below you can see a detailed video of how to play Frenemy Pastry Party!

Currently this beautiful game is a Kickstarter project, which has already been successfully funded and so if you want your copy of the game you only have to access its kickstarter page and access your tier of interest, then you can see the different prices that you can find.

It should be noted that this playmat and T-shirts are brought to life thanks to the alliance generated between Solis Game Studio and Shark Robot, below you can see in greater detail the playmat as well as the different styles of T-Shirts.

Below you can see some reviews of this incredible board game.

Remember that if you want to buy this adorable board game you must access the Frenemy Pastry Party kickstarter project, which you can enter by clicking here.

It should be noted that in this version a new animal friend will be included and it is an adorable fox, who likes to help other friends cook as many cakes as possible.

Remember to follow Solis Game Studio through its website https://solisgamestudio.com/ 

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