C506 presents Fervor, the new playing cards collection featuring the art of Lynus

The Ridiculous Gaming Studio is back with a brand new playing cards series “Fervor“.  Continue with us to know all the details of these Incredible cards.

This new series will feature industry renowned artists from around the world, bringing a new and exotic design to card collectors!

For this first first series, Ridiculous Gaming Studio introduces us to artist Lynus. A popular rising artist who is known for drawing “Naoko”, an original character designed by the artist.

Below you can find specific details of this great deck of cards:

  •  Designed by: Lynus
  •  Produced by: The Ridiculous Gaming Studio
  •  Cards printed by USPCC (United States Playing Card Company)
  •  Card Material: Classic Crushed Paper
  •  Tuck Box: Standard Tuck box
  •  Seal Stamp: Custom Seal Stamp
  •  Cards total: 52 cards + 2 Jokers

Below you can see in detail different characteristics of these cards.

The cardstocks come with a black-core center layer to prevent light shining through your cards. Deep air pockets further defined to trap air for excellent handling. This is ideal for collectors. The card will have a gold gilt edge to give it a special premium feel to your collection!

Below you can find different arts present in the cards, as well as different prints that you can acquire through the kickstarter campaign of Fervor.


As we mentioned before, Fervor is being financed through Kickstarter, below you can find the different tiers they have.

If you are interested in these cards, you can purchase them by entering the Fervor kickstarter page by clicking here Fervor Playing Cards Collection – Naoko Chronicle.Fervor Playing Cards Collection – Naoko Chronicle.

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