Become death with I am Death Now?

Become The death with I am Death Now? the fun board game where you have to get kill to get your official Death license. Continue with us to find out how to acquire this great game.

In I am Death now? We will transform into Junior Death, who is trying to obtain his official Death license and for this we must successfully murder five test subjects before our companions.

Each of these test subjects will have different levels of pain tolerance, this being divided into physical, psychological, emotional, existential and supernatural, our goal being to play cards until bringing their tolerance level to zero.

Each of the Death applicants has unique abilities, which will help make the game more interesting.

Now, what can we expect inside each box?

If you want to increase the level of the game, can you access the I am Death Now? Mythical Pain Expansion Pack

Below you can find out about the different tiers that this wonderful project has.

If you are interested in this incredible game, do not hesitate to access its campaign on kickstarter I Am Death Now?

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