Meet FATUM, a beautiful tarot deck that will help you generate your characters

FATUM presents us with a beautiful tarot deck, which allows us to develop new stories for games such as D&D or any other fantasy RPG, as well as promoting artistic creations based on it. Continue with us to know how to acquire this wonderful deck.

FATUM is an incredible Kickstarter project, which presents us with a deck with art developed exclusively for it and is carefully designed by teachers and players alike, allowing a balanced development of them.

Now, FATUM offers us a series of possibilities, within which we can find:

  • Generate characters and their stories in a short period.
  • Produce a quick story for an NPC when required.
  • Build a character’s story while developing a game.
  • Additionally we can make different constructs, only limited only by our imagination.

We still have to ask ourselves, what will we get if we sponsor FATUM? Well, in each box we can find:

  • 60 cards
  • Playmat
  • Rule book
  • All stretch goals achieved in the project.

FATUM contains 52 unique, superbly designed cards and 8 custom cards (if you choose the “Your character on the deck” tier).

These cards are divided into 5 categories: Class, Backgrounds, Bonds, Events and Places. Each of these categories are easily identifiable, since each of the categories have different back parts.

Now it is necessary to analyze how the development of stories occurs with FATUM, since this is quite fast and easy to follow, initially we must divide the deck by categories, then we mix all but the Class category, then we choose a stack of them and we rotate them 180 degrees, then put them back on the stack and stir again. We place the stacks of cards in front of the deck and follow the instructions in the box, below you can see this in a more detailed way.

If you are interested in FATUM, do not hesitate to enter your project on kickstarter FATUM. A Character creator Tarot deck.

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