Meet Gangs of Dark City, the latest board game from Syndicate Games

Syndicate Games presents Gangs of the Dark City, an action-packed game where you must protect your district. Stay with us to learn more about this incredible game.

Our mission in Gangs of the Dark City is to become the most powerful and dangerous gang in the neighborhood: forming combinations of three or more cards to obtain the GANG required to win the game before your opponents do.

Game consists of 108 cards to enjoy between 2-4 players. Whether you are a child or an adult, this is a simple and fun game to help you pass the time and make you think while trying to protect your district.

Now what can we find inside the basic package of Gangs of the Dark City?

In addition to this we can have a manual with the game guides and in case you want to purchase the deluxe version of this game, you can have a custom case for your game.

Below you can see the two versions that you can buy of this incredible game.

If you are interested in Gangs of the Dark City we invite you to enter its project on kickstarter Gangs of Dark City.

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