Enter WWI with Age of Dogfights, a dynamic air combat simulator

C506 invites you to learn more about Age of Dogfights, an incredible air combat board game set in the First World War. Continue with us to discover more about this wonderful game.

Age of Dogfights confronts the different planes present in the First World War. In this game, the movement and shooting rules include all the most important characteristics of the aircraft of the time (speed, agility and firepower) and the battles are carried out at five different altitudes, so there are differences between the planes. in terms of ascent and descent speeds.

For the development of Age of Dogfights some specific characteristics were taken into account, such as the gyroscopic effect, which gives some aircraft exceptional maneuverability. The wind influences the movement and the position of the sun affects the accuracy of the shot, so these factors are also taken into account. An aircraft under attack can escape the clouds and thus hide from the enemy. Most of the pilots are average, but there are also rookies and aces.

Without a doubt, Age of Dogfights presents us with an incredible proposal for a board game, but now, what can we expect within Age of Dogfights? Below you can find the answer to this question.

In addition to this, you can purchase an expansion, which includes aircraft and observation balloons, as well as Bombardment Balloons were also widely used.

This expansion also features ground attacks by machine guns and cannons fired at targets in the air. All these elements are part of the expansion, as well as 27 new types of aircraft from 6 countries.

Age of Dogfights presents us with an incredible proposal which brings the past to life in a fascinating way, which you cannot miss and we can tell you that on the part of C506 we cannot wait to be able to enjoy this wonderful game.

Age of Dogfights is currently available through its kickstarter campaign, which you can access here Age of Dogfights: WW1

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