We invite you to meet Zombie Pile-Up, a fun quick game to enjoy with your friends

Kickstarter has been the portal to meet incredible projects, within these we can find Zombie Pile-Up. Continue with us to learn more about this incredible project.

Zombie Pile-Up presents us with a fun quick game option, in which we must be attentive at all times of the game to beat our opponent.

In Zombie Pile-Up we will need three participants, a dealer and two players, the dealer will be in charge of placing a zombie on the playing field while the players must place a card that matches the symbol that the zombie placed has. by the dealer, the winner of each round will be the first to place the card.

Once the dealer runs out of cards you must see the zombies and define the winner of each round, which is a simple process since each card of the players is easily identifiable, finally the total score is calculated, the winner will be the one with the highest score.

Now, a copy of Zombie Pile-Up has an approximate value of 12 dollars and then you can find that it contains each box of this incredible game.

If you want to acquire this wonderful game do not hesitate to enter its Kickstarter campaign Zombie Pile-Up Big-Stack Edition Including Trick Deck Add on.

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