Brain Sandwich Games presents Fray: Champions of the Every-Verse

Fray: Champions of the Every-Verse is a fun board game in which we must be the last survivors of an incredible battle with miniature figures. Follow us to learn more about this board game.

Fray: Champions of the Every-Verse presents an incredible survival game with different models, each player must choose one or more champions with unique abilities.

Each time each turn you can generate combat resources for your champion and you can choose to attack that turn or save it to use even more powerful skills the next turn.

Fray presents us with two different game modes from which you can choose:

  • Single mode: Where two players choose a single champion to fight in a fast way.
  • Team mode: Where up to 4 players choose 3 champions to form a team and fight.

Next you will be able to know the 12 champions that you will find inside Fray: Champions of the Every-Verse:


If you want to know all the rules of Fray: Champions of the Every-Verse do not hesitate to consult their rulebook, which you can access by clicking here.

Below you can find in detail what each box of Fray: Champions of the Every-Verse contains.


Below you can see a video where you can with more details how to play Fray: Champions of the Every-Verse.

This game is currently being funded by kickstarter, so we invite you to visit its project Fray: Champions of the Every-Verse.

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