Aquaman Movie Black Manta Pre-orders from Mafex

Aquaman may have 2 essential rogues in his gallery: Ocean Master and Black Manta.

But, we all know who’s cooler.

“Aquaman” movie Black Manta action figure from Mafex; Photo:

Mafex’s newest action figure pre-orders from cinematic Atlantis are the Black Manta and Queen Mera. Interviewing stellar toy photographer, Scott @the.batfan on Instagram, we talked about Mafex’s fig for the coolest, darkest, baddest villain of the seven seas.

Mafex’s Aqua Lineup

Left: “Aquaman” movie Aquaman; Right: “Justice League” movie Aquaman; both from Mafex; Photo:
“Aquaman” movie Queen Mera action figure from Mafex; Photo:

Benjamin David: There was a Justice League Aquaman. It’s still the DCEU Aquaman from Mafex, action figure. Jason Mamoa with the more muted costume. But, it’s from the Justice League movie. What we’re talking about now is from the Aquaman movie proper: bright, orange, iconic Aquaman armor on the Jason Mamoa figure. He’s got the trident, we have Mera (; but, oh my god, dude: Black Manta, baby!

@the.batfan: He looks brilliant, doesn’t he, that Black Manta? The Aquaman one is quite nice as well, the Justice League one…The aggressive head sculpt as well is just fantastic!

Manta’s Movie Presence

BD: I wasn’t a fan of the movie, but good god was I a fan of Black Manta. Every shot that he’s in it. I think the storyline, I think Yahya Abdul-Mateen II crushed the performance. The action was great. I thought Momoa against him was great. And, then this figure.

@the.batfan: Yea, it looks great, doesn’t it? Really sort of imposing as well. Yea, it looks fantastic, and like you say, the character in the movie was great. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of him in Aquaman 2, see some more Black Manta.

Mafex Black Manta Specs

BD: Yea, I’m reading some of the specs: 6.3″ tall, fully posable, loaded with accessories. Comes with the sword, arm blade, harpoon, a knife, and 4 jet effects.

@the.batfan: I love those jet effects, they’re really cool…It’s streamlined and yet really bulky as well. It’s a wonderful combination they’ve pulled off. I love the red on the side of the suit as well, just pops really nicely.

BD: Yea, like those vent/gill things that he’s got? Those little red accents?

@the.batfan: Yea, look perfect they do.

BD: You can also see that they kind of tone those a bit with his sword, those little strips of red on his sword. And, then his spine just has red going down it.

@the.batfan: Oh, it looks so evil.

BD: Oh, and then the tubes as well, where the tubes connect into his back.

Mafex v Mattel Multiverse

Left: “Aquaman” movie Black Manta from Mattel Multiverse: Right: “Aquaman” movie Black Manta from Mafex; Photos:,

@the.batfan : [Mafex Black Manta] is an amazing figure, an absolutely amazing figure. I remember the DC Multiverse one from Mattel a few years ago. It was good, but this one is just incredible. I love the sword that’s attached to his arm, just looks so so evil.

Mafex’s Aquaman movie Black Manta and Mera are available for pre-order, Aquaman to order (BBTS). Follow Scott @the.batfan on Instagram. 

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