C506 presents Salt & Bones, the latest game from The Pen & Dragon

The Pen & Dragon shows us its most recent board game, Salt & Bones, an incredible strategy game for two players. Stay with us to learn more about this great game.

Salt & Bones is a 2-player strategy game where you go head to head in a duel with your opponent, taking advantage of the same shared decks on a constantly changing battlefield. Two different rhythms will be played in each round, one of strategic preparation and the other of accelerated area control.

The Pen & Dragon aims to develop a simple design for the gameplay, in which it stands out that no plan, perfect as it is, survives contact with the enemy, so the one with the best Plan B wins.

Currently Salt & Bones has already finished its development in terms of design and art, so you can try it for yourself.

Tabletopia: Salt & Bones
Tabletop Simulator: Salt & Bones
And The Pen & Dragon also gives us the possibility to enjoy the game in its print and play version: Salt & Bones PnP

Don’t forget to also download their rulebook by clicking here.

If you want to see a Salt & Bones gameplay, you can find a video below.


Now, Salt & Bones is being financed through a kickstarter campaign, then you can find what you can get inside each box of the game.

If you are interested in acquiring Salt & Bones do not hesitate to enter your project on kickstarter Salt & Bones.

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