McFarlane White Knight Previews with Toy Photographer @the.batfan

McFarlane DC Multiverse “White Knight” Batman action figure

Last week, McFarlane Toys released official press photos of their upcoming White Knight wave of DC Multiverse action figures. This will be the 3rd wave of Multiverse from McFarlane, starting their historic venture into DC back in January.

McFarlane DC Multiverse “White Knight” Joker action figure

I recently interviewed the talented UK based toy photographer, Scott @the.batfan on Instagram. As the handle suggests, Scott concentrates his toy photos on Batman and the greater DC universe of action figures; shooting everyone from DC Direct to Mafex to McFarlane.

McFarlane DC Multiverse “White Knight” Azrael action figure

Benjamin David: McFarlane’s just been rolling out these waves! We got wave 1 in January, then we got wave 2, now we’re onto wave 3 already. It’s just so damn exciting that these things are already coming out. And, they’re talking about a June release, right?

McFarlane DC Multiverse “White Knight” Joker action figure, Jack Napier alternate head

@the.batfan: Yea! Absolutely, this was–sort of going back in time– a problem with their predecessors, Mattel: that they just took so long to release things. And, it’s really refreshing to see, even in the current circumstances, a company come out and slap a date on things straight away; and get the figures out. I think it’s brilliant.

@the.batfan (continued): I can remember Todd saying in 2019 when they first got the license, that literally starting in January, we want to be rolling figures out on the shelves. A lot of people were sort of surprised by that; but, to be fair to him, he’s backed it up. He’s come out, and he is,  just smashing figure releases out, like you said. We’re already onto the third wave. And, it’s not like they’re just putting any figures out there. We’ve gotten some fantastic figures. We’ve got movie figures, animated stuff, comic book stuff, games now as well, TV shows. I’m really really impressed with what they’ve done, and I think that White Knight stuff looks very cool; especially, that Batman. Looks unreal, doesn’t he? The color looks brilliant. I really like the color.

BD: Now that we’ve finally gotten official preview photos for these figures–as opposed to just February’s reveals from NY Toy Fair–talk more about what you think about the White Knight.

@the.batfan: Oh, they look amazing, don’t they? (Laughing) It’s really annoying, because I’ve got so many Azrael figures, and now I have to add another one to my Azrael collection. The thing I like about him is that he’s just so different. Like, we’ve seen the old DC Direct ones, and we’ve seen the Arkham-verse ones, but this one just looks completely different; with the red, the all red suit, and I love the gold on him as well. And, the sword looks magnificent, I’ve got to say.

BD: And, that ribbon cape, come on!

@the.batfan: Oh, it looks amazing does’t it? It looks so good! Yea, what a figure that is, and that’s been the least talked about of the three. And, that’s probably my favorite so far, but; Batman does look outstanding, doesn’t he? He’s got the fashionable color as well. It’s nice (laughs). Colors are back in fashion on Batsuits now.

BD: Then, with the Joker, you have the switch-out Jack Napier head.

@the.batfan: And, the big, long pistol as well. It looks sensational.

On the White Knight comic version of Joker/Jack Napier:

BD: It so meta, of a comic book guy and a toy guy [McFarlane], making toys of a comic book character who’s obsessed with a comic book character and collects toys. It’s just this non-stop toy love fest that is White Knight. I could not be more excited.

All 3 McFarlane White Knight figures are now available for pre-order, with an estimated arrival of June 2020 (

Murphy’s White Knight comic is available at your local comic shop and digital.

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