Meet The Dead Eye, an incredible 3D board game developed by Pleasant Company Games

Pleasant Company Games has developed The Dead Eye, a new 3D board game that you can’t pass up. Continue with us to know more about this wonderful game.

From the creators of Ancient Terrible Things comes a new experience, with unique qualities of solitaire card games. The Dead Eye is a card game that combines adventure with science fiction to develop a great experience for a player.

Created by Robert van Zyl with game design by Simon McGregor, The Dead Eye is a fast-paced deck optimization puzzle with exciting moments to press your luck.

The game can be played in standard or augmented viewing mode with stereoscopic 3D for an immersive experience in a treacherous and alien landscape.

Currently this game is in pre-order through kickstarter, below you can find the different rewards that you can choose from their campaign.

If you want to see more of this wonderful game, you can see the following preview.

If you want to acquire this incredible game, do not hesitate to enter in their kickstarter The Dead Eye.

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