(REVIEW) Become the #1 Fighter in Starena!

Starena  is boss rush arena game with RPG elements, where you play as Mecha Reaper J3,  the newest fighter in  the  most popolar sports competiton in the universe,  and now is your job is to  become  the champion while giving an awesome show. The more fans you get, the more support you get in your battles

The first thing you notice in the game is that there is no difficulty selection, and in many occasions you might notice that some opponents are overpower, this can be overcomed by a clear strategy and  reading your opponents movements (brains over muscle). Furthermore, if you lose about 2 times  with the same opponent, a bass will appear and give you a hand (if you accept) to lower the difficulty of the game  until you win your fight.

Winning the fight will grant you different rewards like  new sword parts that you can use to become stronger,  new armor that allows you to get stronger or faster and  new fans that will not only increase your ranking but  also give you goodies in each fight  you  have.

The perspective of the game  is kinda complicated to get use to  because is different than what we use to (diagonally from above  instead of   top view or third person for  example), but nonetheless the  artwork and effects are entertaining, wich can compensate the camera issue. As well  the soundtracks  gives  that futuristic feeling, and combine with  the fact you are a robot,it gives you hours of fun.

Overall is a fun basic game, that   reminds us of classic games where you need to learn the bosses patterns in order to defeat them, and where  you  can destroy parts of them and use it  in your battles. I would love to see in the future a multiplayer option, because once you beat the game there will not be anything else to do  and might become repetitive over time.  There is not much to say in the negative side once you get use to the game, and a minor tweak here and there will be useful,  but as on right now the game is  highly enjoyable. After all this I will grant an 8.0 out of 10,  because i will love to  have an option to modify the camera view, and also a level selector where easy levels the bosses are more predictable and harder levels  are tougher to predict.

Starena is now available in STEAM  for just $14.99 USD.
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