Lumberjacks Studio presents a new edition of The Little Death

After an incredible success in France, Lumberjacks Studio brings us the English version of The Little Death. Continue with us to discover more details of this incredible board game.

After selling nearly 20,000 games in France, Lumberjacks Studio has decided to bring The Little Death to life, but this time in English, thanks to a kickstarter campaign.

In The Little Death we will be a little Death and our mission is to obtain our Reaping Diploma, for this we must achieve 4 of the objectives shown in the Diploma.

During the game, each player will have characters in their play area who will be born, grow and age. Thus they will enrich their personalities or acquire skills that will bring them strengths and weaknesses throughout their lives.

You’ll see your characters live and gently guide them to their deathbed. It is by guiding your characters to their “natural death” that they will have the best chance of achieving the objectives necessary to obtain their Diploma.

You can also harvest adversary characters with harvest cards. To do so, a Reap card must meet the requirements, or symbols of weakness, that are present on target character cards.

Harvesting your opponent’s characters is easier, but it is less rewarding because you will have to share the cards won with one or more of your opponents.

The Little Death presents different levels of play through 9 different Diplomas to obtain. From the easy level to the expert level, the diplomas will be adapted to all types of players, from casual to experts!

Below you can find what we can see inside each box of The Little Death

In addition to the main game, you can acquire the Bad Guys Expansion, where we can expand the game to 5 players and in addition to this we will have some extra rules.

If you want to know more about how to play The Little Death do not hesitate to download its rulebook.

If you want to buy this game you can do it through Kickstarter, The Little Death is already fully funded, so you only have to place your contribution and you will have your game safely The Little Death- The game.

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