BeeZarre Games welcomes us to the Mannix forest with Fox on the Run

BeeZarre Games presents its newest release and it is Fox on the Run, a competitive board game where two factions will face each other, which present different conditions to win. Continue with us to learn more details of this fun board game.

Fox on the Run tells the story of two little foxes, Indigo and Scarlett, while playing next to the ancient Mannix forest. Which was a forest controlled by its infamous guardians, the great gray wolf Zev, and his treacherous companion Puffer.

While playing, little Scarlett carelessly ventured into the guardian territory and was captured. Will her Indigo brother free her or will he be trapped?

Each faction is made up of unique characters with specific special abilities, who must work together to create paths within the forest, hinder opponents and achieve their common goal.

Don’t be fooled by the innocent gaze of the game characters and pay attention to the movements of the opponents, the forest traps are lurking.

If you want to know in depth the gameplay of Fox on the Run, we leave you an incredible How to play developed by BeeZarre Games.


In addition to this you can read the Fox on the Run Rulebook by clicking here.

If you want to buy this great board game, do not hesitate to enter your project on kickstarter, where you can find the base game, as well as different extra products that may interest you Fox on the Run.

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