Discover Matchi, a fun board game with a unique style

Matchi is an addictive 2 player board game that feels timeless in its simplicity, presented in beautiful Moroccan style.  Continue with us to discover all the details about Matchi.

Matchi is a beautifully adorned 2 player game, simple, easy to learn and flexible in its strategic options. It is attractive enough for serious gamers, or casual enough to enjoy while chatting with a friend.

The game is presented in a classic Moroccan style that gives it an air of timelessness. One of the main features of this game is that it does not take up much table space, making it a perfect companion for a coffee date.

What can I expect inside Matchi? Well, within each game you will find:

  • 6 x (Numbered 1-6) Hex Tiles
  • 1 x (Numbered 7-12) Hex Tile
  • 1 x Dice Pad Hex Tile
  • 4 x Blue Player Markers
  • 4 x Gold Player Markers
  • 6 x Dice
  • Instruction Manual

Now, what is our objective in Matchi? Our goal  is to be the first player to get all four of their player markers into the center tile.

How to play?

First of all, we must first set the board: Simply place the 7-12 Hex Tile in on the table. Next, place the others 6  Hex Tiles around the Hex Tile. For variety, mix up the orientation of these tiles each round. Now each play takes their 4 player pieces of their chosen colour and determine who will go first, and that player starts with 3 dice.

Playing a Turn: A turn is always started by rolling 3 dice. You will get to use more dice as the game progresses. These dice are used to perform actions. Once all the dice have been used, or the player decides not to perform any more actions, the turn is over, and the other player begins their turn.

Available Actions

There are 3 actions available in Matchi:

  • Place a Player Marker on the Board: A player can place their marker on to the board anywhere around the outside of the board. The player marker is placed on a numbered space that matches one of their dice, or matches the combined sum of more than one of their dice, this must be an exact number.
  • Move a Player Marker: Player Markers can only be moved to adjacent numbered spaces, There are 2 movement methods available in Matchi; move to a numbered space and move from a numbered space.
  • Attack an Opponent’s Player Marker: When an opponent’s Player Marker is on an adjacent space to your marker, you can attack that Player Marker. This is accomplished by following the rules of movement, but the player must produce two sets of acceptable movements from the dice, these two sets of movements do not need to be identical, they just need to be individually valid movements.

Finally we only have to win: the player who manages to place his four pieces in the center of the board will be declared the winner.

Currently Matchi is on kickstarter and is fully funded, so you only need to choose your reward and you will have your game insured, for this do not hesitate to enter your campaign Matchi by Kyle Davis.

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